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Our Team

Starting from one girl's passion to change the status quo, Go Girl has now blossomed into an efficient team of assiduous members and volunteers, working in departments such as Social Media, Content, Human Resource Management, and so much more! Here's a glimpse of our community and the people who have made Go Girl what it is today.

Meet The Founder

Go Girl is Japnit K. Ahuja's brainchild. The idea came to her after she observed prevalent gender bias in computer science field as a student. Thus, this foundation combines her two fields of interest- Coding and Women Empowerment. 

So far in her journey, Japnit and her team have successfully introduced more than 2000 underserved Indian children to the world of programming. She has also organized over 1000 free workshops across the nation in multiple regional languages.


Meet The Heads

Become a Volunteer

Are you ready to empower girls while interning in a field you are passionate about?

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