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Every girl  deserves a quality education

At Go Girl Organisation, we host free workshops to teach girls coding and basic computer skills for free in their native language. To date, we have taught over 2000 girls across three countries.


Our Mission

Empowering underserved communities with technology is our guiding statement. We aim to change individual lives by making an incremental but long-lasting impact. We want to be immersed in the lives we touch and ensure our students get the best education the world has to offer. Not just any knowledge but education for today's world is the key to breaking intergenerational poverty. 

Our Projects 

CRY Swati

Child Rights and You NGO and GoGirl have been collaborating to teach twenty-five students HTML and CSS. In an offline center called Swati.

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CRY Saksham

Child Rights and You NGO and GoGirl have been collaborating to teach twenty-five students HTML and CSS. In an offline center called Saksham.

Yashoda Foundation

 GoGirl held a workshop for twelve students from the class range of tenth through twelfth standard. The majority of the student body was between the age range of fifteen and sixteen.

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GUH School

GoGirl Collaborated with Government school in Jharkhand. Children of Age 12-16 were taught basics of HTML and CSS.

Our Founder

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Her Story

 Japnit Kaur Ahuja, pursued her high schooling from Singapore where she went on to win national-level academic honours  and published a machine learning paper. She is currently pursuing her fully funded undergraduate degree in computer science in Canada.


Five years ago, she started the non-profit, Go Girl, where she made technology accessible to underserved youth, focusing on girls. She has taught over 2000 kids programming in Indian regional languages for free. 

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Japnit K Ahuja 

Founder and Director GoGirl

Become a Volunteer

Are you ready to empower girls while interning in a field you are passionate about?

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Through our journey of five years, we have collaborated with many reputed institutions which have increased our impact. Most partners have either funded us or provided us with support to make our program workshops better.

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